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At the young age of 15, Steve embarked on his journey in the construction industry, gaining hands-on experience with a local contractor based in the small town of Ngātea. Even during his formative years, Steve demonstrated exceptional work ethic and unwavering determination. By the time he turned 17, he had successfully acquired his very own Poclain excavator.

Having honed his skills under the supervision of a seasoned contractor, Steve ventured out into the world and established his own enterprise. Through word-of-mouth referrals within the community, Steve’s reputation for delivering high-quality outcomes and providing reliable services quickly spread. Consequently, his workload steadily increased.

Presently, Steve Barker Ltd remains a thriving family-run business, having expanded its team and modernized its equipment inventory. The company now has an array of machinery including three 14-ton modern excavators, one 5-ton modern excavator, cutting-edge laser technology to ensure precise measurements, a diverse range of specialized buckets for meticulous excavations, as well as attachments designed to execute complex tasks such as pile driving. 

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